Specialty Doors


With our vast network of vendors, J. S. Archer Company, Inc. can furnish and install custom engineered commercial specialty doors to meet a variety of industrial, manufacturing, mass transit, public works and security applications. Products including crane doors, fire doors, blast doors, sound transmission class doors, fast action doors, hard slat high speed coiling doors, marathon high speed doors, hydrarol aluminum roll-up doors etc.

Each door is designed to meet specific opening size and operating specifications.

Fire Doors – Fire door systems come in single-slide, bi-parting for use in convention centers, commercial buildings, manufacturing and industrial facilities. The doors can be UL and FM labeled for up to 4 hours with a 250-degree in 30 minute temperature rise rating. Additional options include pass doors, vision lites, power operation, and monorail cutouts.

Blast/pressure resistant doors and windows are used in commercial and industrial installations. The doors are designed to protect personnel and property from explosions and explosion borne missiles.


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