Reliable Service at a Fair Price.

Even the finest door and hardware products are of little value without the support of a full-service supplier. At J.S. Archer Company, we strive to support our customers from initial design and product selection, through installation, maintenance, repairs and renovation. Our knowledgeable employees are our greatest asset, and they are always ready to serve you.

Pre-Hardware Services

At J. S. Archer, we install any door mounted hardware, prior to delivery, that can be done without a technician present on the job. It allows us to more closely quality control our product as well as pass along cost savings and time savings to the customer who has another trade installing the openings on site. 

AHC/CDC Consultation

The highest professional designations in our industry include the Architectural Hardware Consultant and the Certified Door Consultant. Benefiting from a combination of rigorous education and practical experience, our consultants are well qualified to support you from design and specification to the selection of appropriate products from an ever broadening and complicated product arena.


Just attach frame to wall and door to hinge, right? Sometimes. But less forgiving building codes, complicated openings, facility liability, and building security issues are causing many developers, contractors and facility managers to rethink this important phase of the construction process. With increasing regularity, our customers look to our experienced swing and overhead door installation crews to make sure their installations are done right, — the first time!

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your investment in sectional overhead and rolling doors working for you is the job of our service crews. We know that it is more than a small inconvenience when a critical opening fails – it may mean loss of revenue, loss of productivity and even injury to your personnel when problems arise. Whether you manage a large distribution facility requiring frequent inspection and maintenance or have a single critical opening, we offer a variety of services to reduce the likelihood of a costly business interruption.

Repair Services

Sometimes problems are unavoidable. You may need help quickly. One phone call to (804) 798-0400 or 1-800-298-DOOR will put our service crews into action. For non-emergency repair, we provide free estimates and convenient service schedule too.

Renovation & Modification

When it’s time to replace, modify or renovate, we can help you make changes smoothly, and with a minimum of interruption. Our door and hardware specialists can help you plan and execute even the most complicated retro-fits. Whether you need specialized engineering services through one of our manufacturers, or replacement of standard swing or overhead doors, you can rely on J.S. Archer Company to meet your requirements.





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