Written by: Neil Cote   Produced by: Ian Nichols

It’s said that locks are only for honest people, but that might be more for the basic door.

For the specialty wares furnished and installed by J.S. Archer Co. Inc. in Ashland, Virginia, keep more than burglars out. There are also the fires, explosions, floods, storms, vehicular crashes or whatever else that must be withstood.

While the company isn’t a door manufacturer per se, it has arrangements with many of the name brands and keeps a limited stock on premises for extra personalized fashioning.

“The contractors know that when J.S. Archer is involved, it’ll be as if the facility is our own,” assures Matt Martin, the affable vice president of the venerable company that has been furnishing and installing doors and assorted specialty items, primarily for commercial, institutional and industrial customers, since 1913. “We don’t always try to be the low number, but we will provide a competitive number, and for that price, they know what they’ll get from us. We’ll be part of the team on the job, not just an outsider.”